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Silja Becomes VITAL Piece Of Sic Mundus Puzzle In Dark Season 3 NETFLIX

Dark is one such series that one could never explain to others. This series takes more time to understand than any other. This is a German science fiction thriller which has become quite a famous right from its English debut in Netflix.

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Prepare to have your questions answered on June 27th.

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The third season and the final season has come out on June 27. Even though the season and series have come to an end, people are left with many doubts and unanswered questions.

Parallel worlds into existence :

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By the end of season two, it can be seen that Martha dies, but as soon as that incident happens, a new Martha from other world comes to save Jonas. This makes every viewer’s mind terrified.

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The final season of DARK is now streaming.

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By the start of season three and even in the trailer, it can be seen in a dialogue from Martha that she comes from a different world. This gives assurances that there is a parallel world in existence. So the present world is the Adams world, and the parallel is the world is that where only Martha survives.

Silja is the pivotal role :

Silja is the mainstay character in the third season to bring in the clarity for her role. In the second season, she was spotted helping Jonas to reach the nuclear plant. Silja has travelled through many timelines.

In 1921 she acted the key role in using the dark matter. In 2053 she acts as the interpreter to Elizabeth. And in 1094, she gives birth to Bertosz’s son. But ultimately he turns out to be Noah. The mystery man right from season one.

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Dark comes full circle on June 27th.

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And then to take Silja to 2053 to meet Jonas of that time, Adam even makes a step to suffocate his mother with a pillow to take her away. Loose ends are left all over for us to understand the series entirely.

In the end, after watching all the three seasons, fans can understand only one point that the main person behind the people Agnes, Noah, Martha, Mikkel, Ulrich, Mads and even Jonas to exist as Hannah being a cheater, liar and bully gives birth to Silja.

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