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Michael Polansky Romantically Gazes At Lady Gaga While She Leads – Body Language Analysis

Lady Gaga welcomed her new beau during the New Year this year. And we cannot stop admiring two. Gaga has always been grateful to her fans, and she tries to keep them in her personal life as much as possible. She even took to Instagram to announce her love for Michael Polansky.

We know that Lady Gaga is head-over-heels in love with him. But here we are checking if Michael is at the same level. Below is the analysis of some of the pictures showing both of them being hit by the love cupid, through body language.

Interlocking Fingers 

Experts say that the gesture, ‘interlocking fingers’ is the most romantic and intimate one of all. The ‘interlocking fingers’ shows the couple trust each other and are ready to be vulnerable in front of each other. It is also said that ‘hand-holding’ brings couples closer.

Romantic Gazing And Free Body Movement

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Take yo mama out all night 😘💋

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In this picture, we can see how romantically Michael is looking at Lady Gaga even when she is not looking at him. It shows that they have a very strong bond. While on the other side, Lady Gaga has her hand wrapped around his neck and has let her body free. It shows that she trusts him and feels safe around him.

Leadership Dynamic 

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I’ve got a STUPID love💕

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In this picture, Michael is behind his lady’s love. It shows that Lady Gaga might be the leader of her relationship. But Michael is happy. So maybe the Lady Gaga leading the path is working well for their relationship.

Comfortable And Ready 

This is the first picture that Lady Gaga posted of them. This was the iconic picture that made it official on Instagram that they were dating. We can see that Michael was cutely looking at Lady Gaga. It shows that he was ready for her to be the love of his life.

While Lady Gaga was sitting on Michael’s lap with a smile and hands wrapped around his neck, it shows that she is comfortable with him and so much in love.

Well, all we can say is get yourself a partner that looks at you the way Michael looks at Lady Gaga!

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