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Katy Perry Pregnancy Emotions Heightened While Orlando Bloom SUPPORTS Throughout

As beautiful as pregnancy and childbirth are, it can be very overwhelming, especially for the mother. It doesn’t go as easy as it may look like. A woman goes through major mood swings and hormonal changes with the constant changes in her body. And Katy Perry seems to be going through the same.

From Happiness To Depression, Katy Perry Can Feel It All 

Katy Perry is pregnant with her fiance Orlando Bloom. She is said to be in her third trimester. Before becoming full-time mommy dearest, she recently opened about her pregnancy journey so far. During the interview, she revealed that throughout her pregnancy so far, she has felt all of her changes in her body and her mood.

She said she has felt happy, anxious, overwhelmed and everything that any human possibly can handle. Since she had her pregnancy period amidst the pandemic, it further added to the million emotions she was going through. She admitted that the world around her is shaky and unpredictable to bring life.

Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Are Waiting For The Baby To Help Them Choose A Name 

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The to-be-parents are expecting a baby girl. Although the due date has not been revealed yet. We are sure that it’s not very far now. During the interview, she revealed that Orlando has been very supportive throughout the pregnancy. She said that he is very excited to meet the baby girl.

She further added that they are yet to pick a name for the baby. They have a few names in order, but they are waiting to see their baby first. The Bon Appetite singer said that the name would have a final decision when they look at her. She said that once they look at her, they will know what to call her.

Orlando Bloom has a 9-year-old son from his ex-wife, Miranda Kerr.

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