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Have We Lost Rue To Drug Addiction Forever? Euphoria Season 2 Updates

Television series highlighting the lives of children, especially in High School, can be a tricky one to play with. Series like these usually include sensitive topics like teenage suicide, drug, sexual interactions, etc. But HBO hit-series Euphoria has taken over the world. It has had only Season 1 till now. And fans are demanding for more! It is available to watch on Hotstar.

What Is HBO Series Euphoria About? 

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The series Euphoria is a high-school drama that highlights the dark phases of high school children go through. It was a huge success and spoke volumes to youth around the world. It had such a huge impact on the young brains that it became the 7th most googled about the show last year.

The series is an adult series, but the lessons shown are pretty much everything any high schooler goes through. The series is about a bunch of high schoolers who somehow end up in the traps of love, trauma, social media harassment, and drugs.

When Euphoria Season 2 Coming? 

Euphoria Season 1 was released last year and became a hit. Since then, fans have been asking for Season 2. As per the reports, the series Euphoria was renewed for season 2 and was scheduled to be released this year. But because of the pandemic, it has now been postponed to next year. The official date for the release of Euphoria Season 2 has not been announced yet.

All Major Cast Is Expected To Be Back For Euphoria Season 2 

The cast who was there in the first season is expected to be back for Euphoria Season 2 as well. The cast for Euphoria Season 2 is as follows :

  • Zendaya As Rue
  • Hunter Schafer As Jules
  • Barbie Ferreira As Kat
  • Jacob Elordi as Nate

Will Zendaya Ever Come Out Of Her Drug Addiction In Euphoria Season 2?


So far, in Euphoria Season 1, we saw that Rue is a major drug addict. She came back from rehab but fell back again. Then Jules was getting ready to escape the town for good with Rue. And at the end moment, Rue decided to stay back as Jules left. In the last scene, we saw that Zendaya snorted in a line of drugs. And was walking across the streets, remembering her family.

As she was walking, a couple of musicians came along wearing the same sweatshirt as hers. Some say that it was a powerful scene that indicated the people lost to addiction.

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