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Chris Martin Joins “Cut-Out” Squad To Wembley As Part Of League-Two Play-Off Finale

Chris Martin is now one of the many faces that are going to join Wembley as part of the League Two play-off finale. Given the global effect of coronavirus, people around the world have resumed to the comfort of their home to safeguard themselves from the virus. With the finale onboard at Wembley, fans would be missing the opportunity to watch their favourite teams and players playing alongside one another.

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Cut-Outs Of Exeter City Fans!

But fans need not worry. Even though they won’t be able to be present to watch the games physically, they have been allowed to be present there symbolically by buying cut-outs of themselves. All they have to do is buy a cut-out, and that would get transported to Wembley for Monday’s final match.

Players indeed will be playing without a cheering and plauding audience. But they would get a sense of adoration from the various cut-outs lined out there. A total of 1200 people will be allowed to avail this opportunity for the play-off-semi-final and 500 for the finals.

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Many fans have come forward to be a part of this. And they are, in a way financially supporting their very teams. In addition to this several fans including Chris Martin will be joining in the cut-out squad.

Other Stars To Get Their Cut-Outs!

Chris Martin isn’t the only star to have enrolled in getting his cut-out. Other stars including comedian Ade Edmondson, Adam Stansfield and Alan Banks will be there too as cut-outs of Grecians.

This is a wonderful opportunity and an innovative one indeed to get fans behind the club. They will, in a way, continue to feel a sense of belongingness to their favourite teams. With celebrities joining in, the popularity of this unique practice has been increasing. Well, watching the match getting telecasted will be an opportunity in itself.

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