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Accusers Who Called Justin Bieber, “Assaulter” As Promised Slapped With Defamation-Lawsuit

Justin Bieber was caught in a nasty controversy lately. The Yummy Singer was branded a sexual assaulter. These alleged incidents of sexual abuse were levied on the famous pop singer by two women publically on Twitter.

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But it was just recently that these allegations just popped out of thin air. Justin Bieber, since the very beginning, has been denying these allegations. He had even put forward credible evidence to establish his innocence.

Justin Bieber Sues Sexual Assault Accusers for Defamation | Consequence of Sound

He had even promised to retaliate and looks like the Baby singer blew hard at his accusers. Justin isn’t the only celebrity to be facing this fate. Others, including Ansel Elgort and various cast members of Riverdale, were also accused of sexual assault.

Who Are Daniel And Kadi?

The two women anonymously claimed Justin Bieber to assault them back in 2014 sexually. They have been identified as Daniel and Kadi. According to Daniel’s allegations, she was sexually assaulted by Justin Bieber back in 2014 at the Four Seasons hotel.

Justin had invited her to his hotel room and carried out this deed. She even said that he had asked her to keep quiet or else he will destroy her legally.

As for Kadi, she has dated her being sexually assaulted by Justin to 2015. In her version of the story, she was invited by Justin in his hotel room, and things followed. Well, all these allegations have been falsified by Justin and his team.

An “Elaborate Hoax”

Justin Bieber and his team went on to call these allegations as wholly fabricated and an elaborate hoax. Justin has forged a 20 million defamation lawsuit against these women.

The woman intentionally soiled his name on false grounds and called him ab abuser. After Bieber posted evidence of his innocence, which included hotel bills, he had made it very clear that he would not just ignore this situation.

Justin Bieber kept his promise and retaliated with a whopping 20 million defamation case. Well, no one from now on will dare to question Justin Bieber on fabricated grounds.

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