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With Margot Robbie Being Cast In Pirates Of Caribbean, Fans Call-Out for Johnny Depp’s Role-Reprisal

Recently news about Margot Robbie being cast as the new face of Pirates of the Caribbean has been making round son the internet. While fans, on the one hand, are going gag over Robbie making her rounds in the world acclaimed Disney franchise. But on the other hand, fans are dismayed at the fact that they won’t be seeing Johnny Depp.

Pirates of The Caribbean: Margot Robbie Gets Cast As The Lead; Johnny Depp Fans Decide To BOYCOTT The Film!

Johnny Depp has been the soul of Pirates of the Caribbean. After the first Pirates of the Caribbean came in the year 2003, the film franchise has not seen back. It has gained a lot of fame River the year.

Most of it because of Johnny Depp’s character as Jack Sparrow in it. The clever yet eccentric character of Jack Sparrow suited Johnny best and fans can’t imagine a Pirates of the Caribbean movie without him.

Margot Robbie’s Role In New Pirate Movie!

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Margot Robbie is going to be cast in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Disney has made it clear that this movie is not at all a spin-off of the former Pirates of the Caribbean film. It is one movie in itself and is female-centric. This new movie will concentrate on a whole new character of Margot’s.

Fan’s Outrage And Depp’s Renewal Status!

But fans of Johnny Depp want him back as soon as possible. Depp was struck off from the film franchise after his ex-wife Amber Heard bombarded him with allegations of domestic violence and sexual assault. But lately, audio clips and pictures have been circulating which makes Heard the assaulted.

She misused the MetToo movement platform for her good and soiled Depp’s name. It cost Johnny his career. Now, fans are signing online petitions which have reached around 2 million to get their hero back into the film franchise. Some are dissing Amber a lot and have even resumed to saying that she deserves to go to jail.

Depp has his fan’s sympathies. Only time will tell what becomes of The Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise.

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