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US rapper Huey Shot Dead In Missouri, Fans Pour In Tributes For The Star

Untimely demises are worth overcoming. Fans are pouring in tributes and prayers for the famous rapper, Huey, who was killed on Thursday in a double shooting case.

US rapper Huey Shot Dead In Missouri, Fans Pour In Tributes For The Star

Known popularly as Huey, his real name was Lawrence Frank Jr., who rose to fame with his famous track ‘Pop, Lock and Drop It’ was an icon for the Black crowd and the favorite rappers of many. He inspired us to live with dignity and pride as he lived with one. His famous track “Pop, Lock and Drop It” is also a Black anthem, and the whole world was so proud of the star!

Unfortunate Event

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Reportedly, the rapper was shot once at around 11 pm in St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and he was hurried to the nearby hospital. The cops learned about the case when the hospital authorities informed them. The St. Country Police Station told the tabloids.


The cops’ tension grew when another 21-year old arrived at Ferguson Police Department shortly with another gun wound. He was shifted to the nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and is keeping well now.

The Dark Night

US rapper Huey Shot Dead In Missouri, Fans Pour In Tributes For The Star

The city of Kinloch witnessed a dark Thursday with the murder of a star and another young adult injured. According to the detectives that were transported to the spot within hours of the incident. There were nearly ten people when the double shooting happened, and thus, a crowd witnessed the unfortunate murder.

With Love, Huey’s Fans

Huey’s Fans broke down with the official news of the death of their star, who was a shining star in their lives. Huey always had the urge in him to be a rapper, and when his 2006 track “Pop, Lock and Drop It” hit No.6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, he didn’t have to look back.

His first manager, Enrico Washington, was interrogated by the cops who revealed the happy and lively soul he was.

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