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The Office Edits “Blackface” Scene Out-Of-Respect For Black Community!

With the continued uproar of the Black Lives Matter movement, some changes are coming our way. People around the globe are recognizing the importance of black people. And carrying our amendments to show that they are known and loved individuals. In a similar attempt, we found the popular comedy show ‘The Office,’ editing certain scenes from its episode, which showed Blackface.

A string of other television shows from popular streaming mediums has also joined in this queue to help heighten the self-esteem of the Black Community.

“Dwight Christmas,” Edited!

A 2012 episode of The Office, which goes by the name, “Dwight Christmas” was edited. In the episode, Mark Proksch, who plays Nate Nickerson, was seen using Blackface. This particular scene was edited out of respect for teh black community. Netflix has also edited out this scene, and so has other streaming networks.

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The Office & Community Blackface Scenes Result in Takedowns – /Film

The show, after deleting the scene, said that they had included this scene to expose unacceptable behavior. And also delivers a message of inclusion of the black community.

They attempted to DSS a racist European practice. But they agreed on the fact that making this point clear graphically must have hurt any person’s emotions. They apologized for such behavior from their side.

Other Shows Joining The League!

Many other shows have decided to join this league. This is a progressive step. The popular sitcom “Scrubs” on Hulu took off a scene. In which a character while playing Dungeons and Dragons puts black makeup on to portray a dark elf.

In addition to this, the creators of “30 Rock” also announced that they would be taking down episodes portraying Blackface. All of this has been a great development.

People ad organizations around the world are putting a step forward. To show that they care and hope to see a change in society.

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