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Serial Rapist And Killer For Two Decades Caught By Michelle McNamara’s Book, “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark”

All the bookaholics who are always on a lookout for thrill and darkness; they know what it feels to read a book with the perfect force. Darkness is the ultimate concept that pushes people and energies to unknown heights. And a recently launched book titled “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark” by crime writer Michelle McNamara justified the same. And to honor her, HBO created a docuseries to showcase her life journey.

Profoundly Safe Space Is In Danger Of Its Guards

How Michelle McNamara Died Hunting The Golden State Killer

Writer Michelle McNamara has not only written a book with a real storyline and plot but had also ensured a powerful visual within the readers. In the book, she went ahead and researched inside the mind of the Golden State Killer.

Every time Liz Garbus went on to research over dozen of murders, rape cases, and burglaries, we know there’s more to the eye than what we can see. It’s not just one man doing all the crimes. The story goes beyond our imagination. It reaches out to the shadows around us, moving through lawns, carpets, walls, etc.

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In the book, the lurking shadows around us the present evil residing in humans. This evil makes them do bad things. Things that put everyone else in danger at places that were supposed to be safe.

No Special Targets, But Only Ordinary People/Victims 

Golden State Killer Suspect Agrees to Plead Guilty | PEOPLE.com

As per the people who survived the wrath of the Golden State Killer, narrated in the book that he is a 30-40 years old man, he was previously called the “East Area Rapist” and “Original Night Stalker.” He is said to be a medium build man. And carries a torch with a pistol. And he dresses up as the usual shady people. He wears dark clothes with a ski mask.

As the survivors narrate, they said that they could be doing anything, and they will feel that the evil is around. Throughout the book, my McNamara, we knew that the victims were not special targets by the killer. They were normal people doing normal things like staring at the ceiling or half-asleep when they were attacked.

Michelle McNamara Forced Herself To Confront Her Darkness 

New HBO Series on'I'll Be Gone in the Dark' About Golden State ...

Since the book is filled with horrific crimes, it’s tough not to include your self. The book by Michelle McNamara, “Ill Be Gone In The Dark,” is not just about a serial rapist and a serial killer. It goes much deeper than that. And talks about dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It talks about coping with the sad phases of life. It’s about confronting the ugly and evil parts of yourself and suppressing them.

As she kept researching the Golden State Killer, she wasn’t immune to her darkness. She recalled a neighborhood murder in her childhood. She remembered her stressful relationship, abusive mother, and sexual assault.

Michelle McNamara Did Not Live To See The Result Of Her Research 

McNamara was a crime author who wrote on real-life instances. In the last few years of her life, she tried to track every move and every survivor of the Golden State Killer. The reports say that the Golden State Killer was on the loose, committing crimes from the past two decades and was finally arrested in 2018. But McNamara died before that. However, her research for the Golden State Killer had a major contribution to finding the killer.

To honor her life and her contribution to the crime writing genre, HBO is coming up with docuseries this week. The docuseries is titled “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark.” It premieres this Sunday.

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