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Ellen And Portia Heading For a $450m Divorce? A Hard Time For The Lovers

Another celebrity couple has decided to call it quits. And they are none other than the star couple: comedian and host Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia De Rossi. The two got married in 2008 after a ‘love-at-first-sight’ meeting in 2000 amidst all the stereotypes the society has tried to bind them in.

Reportedly, the two were going well until last year when a series of tabloids reported about the fights that weren’t stopping and also the differences that kept on growing. The two have kept mum over the rumors, but Portia’s public ‘breakdown’ has ignited the fire.

Broke Down In Public

Last year a tabloid informed about De Rossi’s public breakdown in Los Angeles. Puffy eyes, scattered makeup, and unsettling feet were what her condition was described as by an unknown source.

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Reportedly, the two have been engaged in serious fights due to Ellen’s controlling nature. De Rossi even rejected her wife’s wish to adopt a child, and the two have been very bitter to each other for a lot of reasons.

Allegedly, Ellen bought a property worth $27 million without informing De Rossi, and this quite sparked a lot of rumors and fights!

Over Culinary Skills

This lockdown got them no better. Portia has been specializing in culinary skills during the lockdown. And she has desired to take it professionally and be a chef from home.

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However, Ellen didn’t like the opportunity that was heading Portia’s way. And also the fact that their home would look like a set with cameras and shoots! The two had a fight due to this, and this reportedly showed Ellen’s upper hand and dominating nature in the marriage.

We don’t know whether the two have decided to walk off from the bond, but the reports have it. They are much in love despite all the bitterness that are coming their way.

Their $450 million divorces is currently the talk of the town, but there have been no official statements regarding that.

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