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Infamous ‘Golden State Killer Case’ Docuseries Adaptation To Hit HBO On Sunday

HBO is going to host fresh new docuseries this Sunday, which inspired by the Golden State Killer Case. This case has been a mystery for a long time. Its killer had been carrying out his evil deeds for over 30 years during the 1970s and 1980s.

I'll Be Gone in the Dark:

But now he is in chains waiting for his trail. Meanwhile, this very journey of his into crime was being documented by a celebrated crime novelist, Michelle McNamara. Now, the question is who provided the author with the necessary information to write a whole volume of a book?

Investigators Assisted Michelle McNamara!

Michelle McNamara is a well-known crime novelist and a celebration one in the crime genre. Writing a book on the Golden State Killer case was not so easy for her. She needed information and statistics.

Michelle McNamara

The only place to find this very information was police archives. Then how did she get hold of this information? Well, the answer is simple; certain cops and investigators helped her with the necessary information. They laundered these files and gave it to Michelle.

Such documents of utmost importance once lay on Michelle McNamara’s house in the open. Soon, this was decoded, and some investigators were suspended while others pleaded guilty. This was indeed an offense as officials itself laundered such highly classified information.

“I’ll Be Gone In The Dark.”

Michelle McNamara’s book on the Golden State Killer goes by the name. I’ll Be Gone In The Dark. McNamara is no more, but her book lives. Joseph James DeAngelo, the so-called Golden State Killer, was the one she had written her book on.

It is said that The Golden State Killer was involved in around 30 murders and 50 rape cases. Such was his legacy and is now going to be depicted in a docuseries that is going to be streamed on HBO on Sunday.

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