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Catch Up The Binge-Worthy LIST Of Movies And Series Of Netflix This JULY

Netflix has been the best online platform for the audience to have a watch at some amazing web series and movies. The main reason for it to stay on the top is its never-ending inclusion of new movies and series.

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All amazing genres are covered. So despite being lockdown, Netflix is not going to shy away from its brand new releases. This month of July is going to include many amazing movies and series that all would love to binge at.

List of Movies :

1. Kissing Booth 2: After a super successful first part. The makers are all set to release its sequel on July 24.

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2. The Old Guard: When a group of immortals fight for their survival and protection of the earth, imagine how adventurous it is going to be. Starring Charlize Theron, the movie is going to hit Netflix on July 10.

3. Fatal Affair: A romantic thriller never like before as a lawyer gets obsessed to drink with her old mate while exposing her past relationships. It is going to hit Netflix on July 16.

4. The classic time travel trilogy ever made. Now people are addicted to dark series. But all must first watch this classic to get the true experience of time travel.

5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: This is another classic movie from Johnny Depp. Targeted at the kids, it is a movie filled with all the kid fantasies and a perfect meal of a movie.

List of Series :

1. Cursed: It is the most talked series because of the starring as 13 Reasons Why Fame, Katherine Langford portrays the lead role of an Arthurian Legend in the series. It is going to hit Netflix on July 17.

2. The Umbrella Academy: The umbrella Academy is one of the most-watched superhero series on Netflix. For its complex and twisty plot, people would easily binge to it. So the brand new season of the Umbrella Academy is going to hit Netflix on July 31.

3. The Baby-Sitters Club: Age-old Novels of Ann Martin gets a modernisation in the series. It is an interesting story of a group of girls who have the job of babysitting. It is hitting Netflix on July 3.

4. Unsolved Mysteries: Encounter the real cases of complex and perplexing crimes ever. As it is hitting Netflix on July 1.

5. Deadwind: This is a tale of investigation drama put up a detective. So new seasons are heading Netflix on July 1.

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