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Post Malone REVAMPED His Look With Bald Head And Skeleton Tattoo

Quarantine and post quarantine has marked some major changes in the way people style. From simple masks to fancy Gucci face masks, we all have come a long way. But then it’s not just the face masks, lack of salons and social distancing being the rule, getting bald has become a significant trend too. However, Post Malone took the bald look to new heights!

Post Malone Got A New Look With Tattoos 

On Sunday, Post Malone posted a picture on Instagram, which left his 22 million followers surprised. He posted of picture of his new look. Even though his full-face cannot be seen, but what we can see is enough to shock us a bit. In the picture uploaded, we can see that he shaved his head and got tatts all over it. Post Malone has been very fond of tattoos. But tattooing his head is a bit different. He got a skeleton tattooed on his head. In the caption, he claimed that the skeletons look cool. He also encouraged people to spread love as much as they can amidst the pandemic.

Fans Sneaked Full Pictures Of Post Malone’s New Look 

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Even though we couldn’t see his full face with his newfound love for skeleton head tattooed on his head, fans couldn’t resist. Soon after his official post, many full images started to surface online. One of the posts claimed that Malone had come to a restaurant where the fan worked and clicked a few pictures with him.

Many such images have surfaced on Twitter, showing Malone’s new look with his fans! In one such picture, Malone can be seen with a huge skeleton head tattoo on the right side. And it extends to the next side. And it merges with a dagger tattoo on the other side. The new skeleton tattoo is also right next to the playing cards tattoo.

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