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Brody Jenner Proudly Introduces Beau, Briana Jungwirth To Ex-Kaitlynn Carter

Brody Jenner has his heart out for someone else now. The Hills star was recent with two ladies. One of them was his ex, Kaitlynn Carter, and the other one was someone who has been dating for quite some time now. The dynamic between the three is amazing. They looked jolly and happy to see one another. Even though Brody was out with his girl, his ex took it in the adult way.

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But who is this girl that the dashing Brody Jenner has been mad about?

Brody’s Love Interest Revealed!

Brody has fallen for Briana Jungwirth. Briana is well known for being Louis Tomlinson’s ex. Both of them share a baby boy. It is a known fact that Briana and Louis had parted their ways before Briana giving birth to their child. Now Briana loves her time with Brody.

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Louis Tomlinson's baby mother Briana Jungwirth pictured dating ...

Brody, who is very much close to his ex Kaitlynn made his new girl meet her. Kaitlynn did meet her and welcomed her warmly. The three of them were spotted together. Brody was seen hugging Kaitlynn, and Briana was seen smiling at them.

Kaitlynn and Brody keep in touch. She comes over to meet Brody’s dogs who they had taken in their shelter formerly. They do have a healthy and cordial relationship.

About Briana And Louis!

As for Briana, she continues to co-parent her baby boy with Louis. She must have parts here ways with the former One Direction member, but she wants the best for her child, and she is doing much to ensure this.

On this Father’s Day, Briana had posted a picture of Louis and had written that their boy is lucky to call Louis his dad. Louis Tomlinson is a good father, indeed, and Briana gives him the credit he deserves for being a wonderful father to their child.

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