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Bad Press Made Billie Eilish To Unfollow Everyone Including [Justin Bieber] SHOCKING

Billie Eilish is undoubtedly one of the recent favorites. With her wonderful vocals at such a young age, she grabbed in great fame. But recently, fans are continuously backlashing at her on Instagram, looking at her follower’s list.

Her Instagram following :

It all started when one of her fans has posted a screenshot displaying the following list of Billie Eilish on Instagram. She was following stars like Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and many such names.

But strangely, what caught instant attention is that most of her following are the names who were somehow linked to the MeToo accusations. So for her to follow them is indeed not a good social message that she, as a fellow woman artist, can support.

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So reacted to that, the bad guy singer has put a story stating that she is going to unfollow all those names who were previously linked and accused of Metoo. After a few minutes of her story, she has instantly deleted the story. But fans have her story as a screenshot and as a proof.

In the story, it is written by the singer that she could hear all the stories because they are what needed and important to her. If she is friends with an abuser, then it is going to change after listening to the story because she believes in the story.

Fans started backlashing at her :

She has unfollowed as she said. But what she has done is unfollowed everyone on her Instagram. She now has 0 followings. This was not at all taken well by her fans and the people on the internet.

Her actions were more like racist behavior. Many fans on twitter have told their views over her actions. One fan has questioned her if she were praising gentrification while another blamed her for being so racist. While another fan has accused her of lying about her identity to be poor and even stole visuals from fellow artists.

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