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Kulture Outbeats Cardi B And Offset In The Latest Photobombing Daughter POST

Cardi B and Offset one of the prominent couples when fashion and music come into the picture. They have continuously been in the picture of success. Not just in career but also in life, they are living as a successful family with their daughter Kulture.

Their beautiful love story :

Their love had blossomed in the year 2017 when they got shoot their first collaboration song, Lick. Right from 2017, they have been dating. They have been enjoying their company pretty well. In October, they have engaged. But they have later admitted that they especially married in September.

Just like any relation, they have also faced many ups and downs. Being celebrities, it is pretty common to hear out rumours, scandals, and cheating reports. So they have broken up, but later understood each other well and got together much stronger than before. Then in July 2019, they gave given birth to their baby girl named Kulture. This is the love story of the hip-hop couple.

Pictures of Family :

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Recently Cardi B has posted few pictures on her Instagram. In all the photos, the people present were Cardi B, Offset, and their adorable daughter Kulture. In one of the portraits, she jokingly referred to Kulture for photo-bombing the hip hop couples photo. Moreover, she continued the humour saying that Kulture has done it in purpose.

In the pictures, the couple is showing why they are the prominent names in the fashion industry. Cardi B dressed in a snake in effect attire while Offset has donned himself in a rocking hoodie with his set of jewellery chains.

While the show stealer and attention grabber was the one-year-old Kulture with her plaid dress and stunning adorable boots, in this way, the trio has stunned all the fans with their fashion sense.

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