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Britney Spears Shuts Quiet Beau Sam Asghari In between Her LGBTQ Pride-Message

Getting interrupted in between filming a vital video message tops the list of the most irritating things ever. Well, Britney Spears had to go through this awkward situation. The songstress was amidst sending a beautiful message for her LGBTQ fans when she got interrupted by her boyfriend.

“Baby Be Quiet”

Britney Spears was just towards ending her little message for her LGBTQ fans when she got interrupted. The intrusion became public as all her fans. That noise in the distance was that of Spear’s beau Sam Asghari. But Britney’s reaction just after his intervention was really sweet. She shunned her boyfriend by saying, “Baby be quiet.” She said this in a loving yet irritated tone, which was adored by her fans.

But Britney did not just lash out in the wrong way. She showed her irritation by first yelling and then making a funny face to justify what had just happened there.

Britney’s Pride Filled Message!

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Talking about her message, it was indeed pride-filled. She opted to post this message on her Instagram handle and share it with her millions of fans. The video message was mostly a thank you from Britney’s side. She wished them a pleasing Pride month too. Spears thanked the love and support that she has gotten from this section of people in her video message.

Britney Spears ended her video message by saying that she loves her LGBTQ fans so much that it hurts. The icing on the cake in her sweet little message was that she appreciated the work and passion of the people belonging to this very community. They articulate everything that they do, is what Spears wanted to continue. Well, indeed they the artists of a new world.

Everything about this message for Pride month from Britney Spears was good and adorable. Even the little tantrum thrown by her boyfriend was sweet, indeed, and so was her reaction to it.

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