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Scarlet Johansson And Margot Robbie To Engage in a Hand-to-Hand Kumite, Fans Predict Upcoming Iconic Moment!!

Margot Robbie’s transition from a small screen to Hollywood seems to have gone from strength. The actress has not only scored many box office hits. But also has proved her metal by working efficiently with many prominent directors.

Her acting not only influenced her fans but had also brought her nominations for various prestigious awards. But recent reports suggest that the adventure professional. The star may have disoriented some feathers. Especially those of Scarlet Johansson.

Margot and Scarlett are all set to fight each other in the new Peter pan and Wendy movie

According to our reports the two actors will compete with each other for the coveted role of the tinker bell. It is an upcoming live-action film from Disney “ Peter Pan and Wendy”. Our sources say that the fight might get ugly. The insider had said that Margot is the favorite but that has not prevented The Black widow famed Scarlet Johansson. Who is released with force in the fight with Margot?

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However, fans may just wait to see the iconic fight scene. But sadly Disney has not revealed any official detail about the upcoming movie. Nor has it announced who will be representing the iconic fairy in the Upcoming remake of Peter Pan. Even though Margot’s name has been heavily linked with the title of the movie in development. And it is probably the first time we are hearing about Scarlet Johansson.

Scarlett had her plate full for her Black Widow release…

However the 35-year-old actress has had her plate full. And is waiting for the premiere of Black Widow. This is the first movie of her own in the Marvel Universe. Whose release was planned for the first half of this month?

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But due to the prevailing conditions it has been pushed back to November now. It will be interesting to see the Harlequinn and the Black Widow fighting hand to hand. Hope to hear about the new movie very soon.

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