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Kristen Bell, Frozen Actress Defends Daughter Delta From Humiliating Diaper Comments!!

This has been one of the major and important steps taken by Kristen Bell. She is standing up to the mommy-shamers out there in the world. This has been quite a news and it should be seen for many people what she is doing.

Frozen Star Responded

On Friday, the Frozen star responded to backlash that she had received on Twitter. That was received after she and Dax Shepard’s five-year-old daughter Delta wear Diapers at night on Momsplaining. After this episode was aired, one of the Twitter found the topic to be humiliating. It was for the couple’s youngest child and then criticized her decision to publicize it.


The user wrote on Twitter that ‘Delta may know about this yet, but she will. In the middle of the pandemic during her formative years, her mom told the world she is still in diapers’. This means that the user found this thing not good for the child as what her mom did to her.

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Coming to her daughter’s defence, the mom also tweeted and replied to this thing. She said that ‘I also don’t think it is humiliating if your kid wears diapers late. Everyone here is different. My 5 year old would not be embarrassed even if she was wearing diapers in the day! She is very confident and goofy and does not see about her beautiful unique self something to apologise for’.

Tweets After Tweets

But, we know that some of the controversies do not end easily. Seeing Veronica Mars alum’s tweet, the user also gave a reply. It said ‘My concern was chiefly about revealing such private information about the child. The child’s diapers at night may be normal for a five-year-old. Maybe she will indeed grow up to be a tote whatever about it’.

Then this tweet was also followed by another saying ‘I just know I was conscious enough at 5.5. I would not want that info out there without my express permission. My mom was not famous and nor she was covered by the news’.

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