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It’s Happening!! Netflix, Finally Has Drop Date For Dynasty Season 3!!

The series Dynasty has finally an official Netflix drop date. After months of waiting, international fans finally can binge Season 3.

Netflix Will Finally Drop Dynasty Season 3

Dynasty international fans can finally catch Dynasty Season 3. According to Fox News, Netflix is dropping Season 3 on May 23, 2020. Of course, this is going to be an abbreviated season due to the coronavirus. They stopped filming in early March. But, those who cannot wait to see if Liam survived Adam’s attack can finally get a resolution. Will Jeff Colby live?

We won’t spoil anything, but promise a season filled with the sorts of over-the-top drama that fans of the reboot expect. There are decadent parties, intrigues, Blake on trial, beaucoup bling, a musical episode or two, and plenty of incredible fashion tied up in the opulent episodes.

Two New Dynasty Season 3 Changes

The biggest changes in Dynasty Season 3 is that there is a new Cristal Carrington and a new Alexis Carrington. First, there is the new Alexis Carrington. According to TV Shows Ace, Elaine Hendrix is the new Alexis Carrington. Clearly, Liz Gillies is thrilled. Fans have surmised that the talented star was behind the Hendrix signing. they even look like mother and daughter.

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Of course, the two worked together on the FX comedy Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll, along with Denis Leary. When they made the announcement, Gillies gleefully posted, “We are getting the band back together, Elaine.” Hendrix is not new to playing the villain. She is best known for Parent Trap with Elizabeth’s doppelgänger, Lindsay Lohan.

Now, for the latest in Cristal news.

Where Is Steven Carrington?

The biggest fan question is the whereabouts of Steven Carrington. Last time Dynasty fans saw him, he was in the middle of Season 2, in Paris. Fallon and Sam left him there, believing him to have some mental health issues. Since then, Steven has been absent and actor James Mackay has been silent. So, we will spoil that for now. No Steven. At least, not so far in Season 3. The CW will be airing the last episode filmed, soon.

Be sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for the latest Dynasty news. Netflix is dropping Dynasty Season 3 worldwide, on Saturday, May 23, 2020.

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