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Hidden Talent Revealed, Johnny Deep Unveils His Priceless Painting That He Completed After 14 Long Years

There is quite a lot going on with Johnny Deep. One would rather call it a storm in one’s life. With all the court cases and getting tangled in the legal processes. But it seems like the Pirates of the Caribean famed Johnny Depp is keeping it very sane.

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After the pandemic hit the world, the entire world has gone into lockdown. With authorities imposing mandatory or self-inflicted quarantine all around the world. And with so much free time in hand, most peoples are finally free to explore their hobbies. Or learn new skills, as work from home online classes is becoming the new normal.

Johnny Depp shared a painting unfinished for 14 years…

And so does our beloved stars, many are busy learning new skills. Whereas others are enjoying their time with families. But it would be quite a huge satisfaction to complete something that you had always wanted to complete.

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It’s odd, the things that we once gave such pure, intense focus and devotion to for months on end. Then suddenly the wind shifts and off we go on a new tack. And for far too long, these earlier interests or passions sadly fall by the wayside and recede into the vast recesses of some hoarder’s crawlspace in the brain cloaked in heaps of the other things that my skull had no room for…until recently. I found this painting, which I had started in 2006 … for 14 years I’d never touched the painting – the occasional glance, at best. Yet it somehow always lingered in my mind, this piece of unfinished business. Even while we are forced to live in the immediate, some strange species of the interrupted passion that has been invested in an object we once focused on awaits our return from far away. I will keep you apprised of the progress! All Love, JD

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And it seems no one knows the satisfaction other than Jack Sparrow himself. Johnny Depp or Captain Jack Sparrow as many of us know him shared a priceless piece of art. He has been working on the painting for over 14 years now.

The painting is of a wine bottle with a little bit of sky in the back

Johnny Depp shared the painting on his newly launched Instagram page. This particular artwork that she started in 2006 but was unable to finish or touch it for 14 long years. The painting is of a huge wine bottle and some bit of sky in the background. In a long caption the actor explained that how certain things change in life takes a turn. From the things that they used to do passionately.

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The actor also added that this piece of unfinished business the painting that he did not touch for 14 long years. But somehow it lingered in his mind. While ending the post he also assured his followers that he will keep them updated. About the progress with the painting.

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