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“Black Widow” A Movie About Self Forgiveness, Deeper Than Any Movie Ever Did- Scarlett Johansson!!

She revealed that the movie is going to be Deep and darker…

The Avenger Star Scarlett Johansson has revealed her thoughts on the upcoming movie Black Widow. The actress said that Black Widow will be deeper than what most people had expected. In an interview Scarlett said that “It’s a film very much about self-forgiveness and accepting decisions that were made for you. It’s much deeper than anything we could have done earlier…”

Scarlett who will be playing the role of Natasha Romanoff also known as Black Widow. Scarlett won the role after Emily Blunt had to drop out. To which Scarlett reacted by saying that the best call you can receive is after you are rejected. For something and then you get it, then you appreciate it even more.

She also revealed her fear that she was not doing Natasha right…

Scarlett in the interview also recalled about the time when she was making a career out of being the second choice. But changed her mind after she understood the impact when she saw the “hero shot” of the first Avengers film. She also said that when they did Iron Man.

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Black Widow

She didn’t know if the audience would like her interpretation of the character. The actress also went on to say that they were all thinking that it was all crazy. As they were still processing how much of an impact will the movies have on fans.

The movie may allow Iron Man to reappear…

When asked about the reports about her Avengers Co-star Robert Downey Jr. Who would be making an appearance as Tony Stark in some manner of the other? She neither confirmed nor denied the claims, but she simply smiled. The movie Black widow is a prequel that is set between the events of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers Infinity War. Which sets a perfect time for Tony Stark who died in the end to make an appearance.

Black Widow was scheduled for an April release but has been pushed back to November. Owing to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic.

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