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Ariana Grande Lets Her Hair Out Of Her Iconic Ponytail In ‘Rain On Me’ Music Video With Lady Gaga!!

This is one of the collaborations which is epic, and it should be done like this. The fans of both the singers were so excited about this collab. The felt this moment like a dream come true. Now their video song has been released for the fans.

Epic Collaboration

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande align forces to become the pop power duo of their music video ‘Rain On Me’. The video song was released to digital services midday on Friday for the fans. After the drop of this song late Thursday night, Gaga and Grande both teased on Twitter that their collab video would be coming soon. They both said to their fans that better stay awake for the video and their new collab video song. This was said because the song would drop at night.

The result obviously was filmed before the pandemic. Both the singers danced with their respective crews. The sky was opened up not just for the rain, in Gaga’s case, falling knives. At first, Lady Gaga and Grande are both separated by choreography and Gaga’s hot pink theme as well. But, the two singers soon come together in the second chorus for the cathartic dance party.

Sweet Ending

Timed with Gaga’s spoken-word also interlude, the duo also change their outfits to reflect joining forces. Grande is seen in a two-piece set with her brown hair down, and Gaga in a pink one-piece with her hair in a half-up. Both Gaga and Grande join their hand and dance together with their backs turned. Their hair is seen floating in the air on the video song.

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As both of them dance joyously in the rain, it is also signified that both of them have become more powerful together. The video song ends with a very sweet shot of Gaga and Grande hugging each other.

Both Hugging

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