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Will Messiah Ever See The Light Of Season 2?! Sources Confirm: Netflix Might Re-Consider The Show!!

Messiah had a huge success with its first season. However, the series has also faced several controversies due to its content. Will we see the 2nd season of the series? Will Netflix re-consider the renewal status of the show? Here is what we know until now.

Updated Renewal status of Messiah season 2

Netflix had renewed the show soon after the first season was released. However, after several controversies, there are chances that Netflix might put a halt on the show.

The 2nd season of the show is expected to release during the fall of 2020, but with the pandemic going on, it is hard to say anything. Sadly, the second season might not happen, as stated by Wil Travel. In his recent post, he declared that there wouldn’t be a 2nd season of Messiah and he thanks everyone for their love towards the show.

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Will Netflix re-consider its decision? It is hard to tell as the streaming service has given its final verdict. However, if fans try to file a petition, then there are changes.

What Is Messiah All About?

Messiah is a series which revolves around a modern-day Christ. It tells us the story of a CIA officer who has a resemblance with Christ with a modern touch.

The series speaks of a man who arrives in the Middle East and claims to be an avatar of Jesus Christ. He roams around with the name of Al-Masih and spreads the news. What happens next? For that, you need to watch the show.

We cannot say anything about the 2nd season as for now. However, if we get to know any news about the show, we would surely let you know.

However, it would be fair to say that the show was indeed exciting but contradicted with people’s views. It created quite some controversies and hence, had mixed reviews. Moreover, if you wish to watch the show, then you can watch it on Netflix. With 10 episodes, the series has made a huge impact on people.

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