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Tom Cruise Becomes The Highest-Paid Actor (Per Word) In The World, Women Receive Much Lesser Than The Male Counterparts

Fees for actors and actresses or anyone in the show business is something that has blown everyone’s minds since forever. The celebrities earning millions of Dollars have always sounded crazy to all of us.

But it’s even more shocking when we calculate how much they earn per word!! When compared to film scripts with the amount of Salary the actors receive, sources revealed that Tom Cruise was paid the highest amount per word in his movie Top Gun.

Top 10 Highest-Paid Actors Per Word 

 As per the sources, the amount was calculated in comparison to the film scripts and the Salary received by the actors. After the carefully done calculations, it was revealed that Tom Cruise is the highest-paid actor amongst the Top 10, followed by Kurt Russell and Johnny Depp. The list of the Top 10 highest-paid actors per word is as follows –

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  • Tom Cruise – $7091 per word
  • Kurt Russell – $5682 per word
  • Johnny Depp – $4877 per word
  • Denzel Washington – $4581 per word
  • Leonardo DiCaprio – $4326 per word
  • Bruce Willis – $4080 per word
  • Keanu Reeves – #3643 per word
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – $3447 per word
  • Tom Hanks – $3150 per word
  • Brad Pitt – $3058 per word

Women Are Paid Lesser Than Men In The Industry 

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The study also revealed, on average. A female actress is paid $1900 per word lesser than the highest-paid men.
The highest-paid actress per word is Cameron Diaz, who received $4637 per word. Courtney Cox follows her at $3528 per word and Jodie Foster at $3265 per word.

Highest-Paid Roles Per Word 

The list also revealed some of the highest-earning roles, per word. As per the list, the highest-paid actress is Julia Robert’s role in Ocean’s 11 and Ocean’s 12. She received $14599 per word in Ocean’s 11 and $12315 per word in Ocean’s 12.

The highest-paid actor for his role in the movies was Kurt Russell. He played the role of Todd in Soldier. And spoke 104 words throughout the movie and made $34855 for each word he spoke.

He is then followed by Liam Neeson’s Zeus in Clash Of The Titans. And received $35211 per word.

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