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Throw Back To The Time When Dennis Rodman Pretended To Get Married To Himself?!

Basketball Legend Dennis Rodman Has Always Been A Hot Topic And Here’s To The Time When He Got Married To Himself

For years, basketball player Dennis Rodman has been revered for both his incredible tactics on the court as well as his bodacious personality. He won the NBA Championships as well. Now once again the legendary champion is back into the spotlight, thanks to ESPN’s “The Last Dance”,  a hit series featuring the reign of the Chicago Bulls back in the 1990s.

Rodman has, throughout his life, had bizarre experiences that continue to be hot gossip even today. From the time when he took to crossdressing for the promotion if his memoir “Bad As I Wanna Be”. It was inspired by radio jock Howard Stern, who pulled something similar for his book release the previous year. But, we’re here to talk about Rodney and the time when he pretended to get married to himself.

The Basketball Legend Slipped Into A Wedding Gown Made In France, And It Was A Spectacle

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In 1996, after the release of his book, Rodney had to attend his book signing. But being his flamboyant self, Rodman made quite an entrance. The then 35-year-old basketball player dressed up as a bride in a custom-made from France, voluminous bridal gown and got into a horse-driven carriage, escorted by women in tuxedos. It was magnificent as he was driven up to a Barnes & Noble on Fifth Avenue.

Rodney claimed that he’s bisexual and was marrying himself. The incident sparked a lot of controversies and, at the same time, made him an idol to the youth. It was provocative in every sense and an iconic example of gender-bending. It also made “Bad As I Wanna Be” a bestseller and topped the New York Times Best Sellers list.

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