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Terminator Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger Reacts To Her Daughter’s Very First Pregnancy!!

The news or we can say the good news for Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger’s pregnancy broke the last month. Many of us know that the couple tied the knot in June 2019 after they dated for a year.

Arnold’s Reaction

The Hollywood veteran actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has opened about his daughter’s pregnancy news. Actor, said that he is looking forward to becoming a grandparent. He seemed very happy when he was reacting to this good news. The fans of his just loved his reaction and it was so loving for grandparents to hear such news.

This good news of Pratt and Katherine’s pregnancy broke last month. Then the ‘Terminator’ star revealed that the baby is due ‘sometime this summer’. This he said during Monday’s at-home episode. The name of that show was ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Falcon’. This was a piece of really exciting news for the Terminator actor and he was very excited.

The actor said that ‘This is really exciting news that Katherine is now pregnant and is going to have a baby. And inevitably, I am really looking forward to playing around with whatever it is she, or he. I will have some real fun with him or her’. This cute message was said by the Terminator actor in the show.

Maria Shriver Also Excited

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His former wife, Maria Shriver who is the daughter of Eunice Kennedy was also excited about it. Then the Terminator actor said that this is a unique kind of experience. But, he was thinking about the gene pool. I mean I think about this for a second.’ He then said that You Can do it Pratt! Arnold was trying to motivate the Guardians Of The Galaxy actor.

We hope them the best for their upcoming future. And let us also hope that this corona-virus pandemic stops and everything comes back to normal again. That would solve many problems around the world.

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