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ROAR!! Singer Katy Perry Reveals Her Craving For Indian Spicy Food During Her Pregnancy!!

The pop-star Katy Perry in a recent Facebook live she revealed that she is craving for Indian food during her pregnancy. She is now currently expecting her first child with Orlando Bloom. This is very good news for the fans of her as she will be giving birth to the first child.

Katy Perry Reveals

She said that, ‘Well, in the beginning, it was like give me Indian food or get out of the way. I have never wanted more spice than I do want in my life right now. So everything is about spice, and how can my mouth get.’ This means that she wants some spicy Indian food in front of her.

During pregnancy, everyone talks about cravings. She said that ‘She also thinks about cravings, but I also think about ‘Do I want to risk my life getting that craving.’ She added this in the last speech.

Her Releases

Katy Perry has recently released her first single Daisies from her upcoming album for the fans. the singer also had her very first TV performance of that song on the finale of her show American Idol. There she sang well, and the fans of her just went crazy, hearing her beautiful voice.

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Katy Perry and her husband, Orlando Bloom, first got together in 2016. Then they both were spotted in many places, and the fans loved that. The couple got engaged on February last year. In a recent interview Orlando Bloom spoke about their marriage.

He said that due to the COVID-19 crisis and he revealed that because of this they are having problem. When all of this will be over they will arrange their marriage ceremony as soon as possible. The actor, is planning a destination wedding with Katy in Japan. This is confirmed that the pandemic is causing the main factor here for their marriage.

Orlando Bloom

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