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Mom-To-Be Katy Perry Talks Pregnancy Blues And Craving Spicy Indian Food!!

Katy Perry has entered her third trimester, and she’s having crazy cravings like any other mom-to-be. The 35-year-old singer has opened up several times on experiencing pregnancy blues amidst the Coronavirus lockdown.

Recently, during a live Facebook chat, Katy Perry revealed that she’s finding it challenging to stay at home. With so many people around her and she escapes to her car sometimes to enjoy some ‘me time.’ Meanwhile, Katy is having her share of good and bad days during her pregnancy. Further, the pop star admits she’s been craving for Indian food.

All that the fans want to know

Moms-to-be often experience swings of food cravings and its spicy Indian food for Katy Perry. Kat said that well, in the very beginning, it was like give her Indian food or get out of the way. Adding that she has never wanted more spice than she does want in her life now. So it’s all about spice, how hot can her mouth get.

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Meanwhile, she acknowledges that its risky to go outside and satisfy her food cravings during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. She says that everyone talks about cravings when you’re pregnant, and for her, she thinks about cravings, but she also thinks about ‘do I want to risk my life getting that craving?’

Further Details

The singer announced her pregnancy in one of the most fashionable manners flaunting her baby bump in the music video of her new song ‘Never Worn White.’ Meanwhile, Katy Perry is due in Summer and is worried about delivering her baby amidst the pandemic.

Earlier, the singer opened up on the uncertainty when she was asked about how she has been coping with being pregnant amid such a frightening time. She admitted that the virus outbreak had hindered most of her plans, but she’s taking one day at a time.

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