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Miley Is Sad As Her Sister Suffered A Lot Because Of Her, But Now She Is Proud Of Her Talent In Music

Since her childhood, Miley Cyrus has been one of the most sought-after stars.  However, her immense popularity and fame had a negative impact on her little sister Noah. Noah Cyrus has recently spoken about her anxieties, struggles and neglect she was subjected to. The reasons to these were as she is living under her celebrity sister’s shadows. She opens up through her new track called Young & Sad.

And now, the Party in the USA singer’s true feelings about her sister’s emotional struggles have come up to the surface. A source spilt across the Internet that Miley’s heart is breaking for her sister after discovering that she had been the reason for her hurt and pain.

Lyrics Of The Song Hit Miley Hard

The lyrics to the song read go like: “My sister’s like sunshine / Always bringing good light wherever she will go / And I was born to rain clouds / Blessed in her shadows.”

After listening to this, Miley got hit emotionally too hard. She told that just breaks her heart for even a thought of her younger sister getting hurt in any way.

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“This is not something she just now heard about. Noah has always openly talked and put her trust in her. The cyberbullying Noah dealt with as a child was very difficult on the whole family because it really had a negative impact on her. Miley also has dealt with a lot of cyberbullying too, but watching it happen to her precious younger sister hurt her so much,” the source said.

Miley Is Proud Of Her Sister

Nevertheless, the former Disney star is also proud to see her younger sister using music as a medium to express herself.

“Miley is so proud and happy of Noah for taking all the struggles, hurt and pain and putting it into her music. Miley is so happy that everyone has finally got to see her younger sister’s true talent,” said the source.

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