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Is The Politician Returning For Another Season? Here Is What We Know About The Netflix Series!!!

The Politician is set to return for another season on Netflix!! What will be the story about? Will there be new characters? Keep reading for more information.

The Politician Returning For Another Season

Yes, you heard it right, The Politician is indeed returning for another season. How did we know? It seems the showrunner of the show has confirmed the news in his Instagram account.

Ryan Murphy posted about the show on 18th May in his Instagram account. In the post, he shared a poster of the show and even revealed its release date. The show will premiere on 19th June on Netflix, so make sure that you watch it.

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The production and final touches for the series are done, and now all we have to do is wait for the 2nd season. With pandemic stopping majority series, The Politician would be our saviour from boredom during such tough times.

A Quick recap

If you have not seen this series, then now might be a good time to binge-watch it. The story revolves around Payton Hobart, a wealthy student from California who is made to believe that he is the next President of the US.

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However, before proceeding to become the next President, our protagonist has to pass through high school. For the second season, we would see Payton running for the New York State Senate Area. He has a major opponent, Dede Standish, whom he must defeat in the elections. Dede’s win was supposed to be easy, but with the involvement of Payton, things have taken a wild turn.

Sounds interesting? It does seem exciting. It would be fun to see the outcome of the election and the hurdles that our protagonist has to face to win it. However, there is another surprise for the viewers. Ryan Murphy is working on the 3rd season of the series, and we would soon be able to know about it!!!

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