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Is Brad Pitt Looking For His Ex-Wife Angelina Jolie Amid The Global Pandemic?!!

Brad and Angelina are one of the most hyped couples in the Hollywood industry. The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor is now always making the headlines for something or the other. Some of the rumours have said that Is Brad missing his ex-wifes, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston?

Brad Missing Jolie

Ever since the split of Angelina and Brad, went through a rough patch in their life. Very recently, her son Maddox had come from South Korea where he is pursuing his higher education. He is doing this to support her mother in this crisis situation. That is a good thing for mothers in this era.

Now, it seems like the COVID-19 is not going to go anytime soon for the people all over the world. There is a source has revealed that Brad is very much concerned about his ex-wife Jolie. The source said that ‘He is been concerned about her’. This also shows and proves that he is tensed about his family and also his wife as well during this situation.

The things between Brad and Angelina are now better than they have been previously. They both are more cordial; they are also aiming towards resolutions that work for each of them. This was revealed by a very close source. The actor and the actress split in the year 2016 and we know that Angelina got the custody for her six kids. On the other hand, Brad got permission for visiting them for unlimited hours.

Secret Relationship

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In the meanwhile, Shawkat has also been spotted quite often in Brad’s neighborhood. Although, the two said that they are just friends and nothing to US Weekly. But, we are hoping that they will soon make everything official for the world. They both are very private and extremely coy when they are asked if anything was going between them.

We know that there is a chance that they both will remain just friends. But, now their chemistry suggests that they will go more profound than just friendship. They might turn themselves into a more romantic way.

Angelina Jolie

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