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“I Do Have To Grow Up A Little Bit,” Says Ryan Seacrest {Here’s Why}

Ryan Seacrest Is Having Trouble Balancing His Work And Personal Life

The 45-year-old ‘American Idol’ host says he thinks. He needs to “grow up”. Seacrest is having trouble in finding the work-life balance.

He assumes that one of the major reasons he never married is because he is almost always involved with his work. However, Seacrest has realised the effect it has had on his personal life and his relationship, and he has decided to change things for good.

Seacrest has always had a passion for show presenting and loves to have an audience. His ambitions grew ever since he landed his role as a host on the platform of “American Idol”. Hence, as Uncle Ben would say, “with great power, comes great responsibility”, Seacrest has had to invest even more time into his work. This has affected his life and relationship incredibly. What does Seacrest have to say? Read the details here.

Ryan Seacrest Is Almost Always Feeling Drained Due To His Work Pressure

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Seacrest has been in a relationship with Shayna Taylor for quite a long time now. However, the couple has not married even now. Seacrest reveals that he has steered clear of the prospect of marriage because he is either ay work, or is always feeling drained.

Marriage requires work and time. And if Seacrest intends to get married soon, he has to figure out how to balance both. Seacrest says,

“You lose the balance and you are drained by the end of every day, and you’ve gotta go do it again the next day.” Seacrest continued,

“I do have to grow up a little bit and realise that there needs to be a work-life balance.”

Seacrest, in an interview, revealed that he has always found live hosting more comfortable and more heartfelt than the pre-recorded ones. Therefore, when he was chosen as the host for “American Idol”. It was a stepping stone for him to his further success.

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