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Even Though CBC And Netflix Tried To Give An Explanation On Why ‘Anne With An E’ Was Cancelled

Anne with an E, a Canadian series, is available on Netflix and is canceled last year. The fans of this series were deeply disappointed when they heard the news. This series revolves around a childhood classic Anne of Green Gables. This breaking news was announced on November 25. The organizers announced that season three of the series is going to be the last.

Statement By CBC And Netflix

“We have been very excited to bring the quintessentially Canadian story of Anne With an E to all the people around the world,” said CBC and Netflix in a statement. This statement given was a joint one.

“We are very grateful to the producers of the series. Moira Walley-Beckett and Miranda de Pencier and to all the talented cast and crew members. We are really very thankful for their incredible work in showing and putting forward Anne’s story with a new generation.

“We really hope all the viewers of the show love this final season as much as we do. With this finale season it would bring a satisfying conclusion to Anne’s journey.”

The show’s creator, Walley-Beckett has understandably thought about it. She also shared her disappointment, like any other fan, on a social media platforms.

“I really hope it could be different but, sadly it cannot,” she came out on Instagram. She further continued, “We have reached the end of the red Green Gables road after three wonderful seasons.”

Fans Disappointed With The Cancellation

Chatting with some media sources, she, of course, says that she would love to write an awesome finale feature film. Its not surprising that other networks would like to pick up again on cancelled shows. Netflix did the same thing with Designated Survivor and Lucifer as well. Also, Pop TV did it with One day at a time. It became clear to the fans that it’s not going to happen, towards the end of 2019.

The giant streaming platform has taken care to keep the curtains closed by its business side on their inner workings.  However, Tait’s word of choice has taken Netflix into an uncomfortable spotlight. Also, in the future, if any of the shows aren’t made available to its subscribers, then this will go back to the cancellation of Anne with an E. It will try to shed light on this situation.

Vaagisha Singh
Vaagisha Singh is a senior writer at The Innersane, where she covers media and advertising and co-hosts the Original Content podcast. Previously, She has worked as a tech writer at Adweek, a senior editor at the tech blog VentureBeat, and a local government reporter at the Pop Culture Times. She attended DU University And Loves Dogs

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