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Even Though People Looked At Her Like A ‘Monster’, Lisa Kudrow Banned Hugging And Maintained Social Distancing in Her Mother’s Funeral!!

Lisa Kudrow expresses her feelings when she did not allow the attending people to hug at her mothers’ funeral. She added that she felt like a ‘monster’ for doing that.

Former ‘Friends’ actor’s, Lisa Kudrow, mother died in February. Her death was before the coronavirus started. It was before the government had declared that it was a worldwide pandemic. However, she still felt that it was her duty as a citizen to try and prevent the spread of the respiratory virus.

She told to some of the media sources: “Most of the attendees were just staring at me like I was a monster when I would just take two steps back, straighten up my hands and say, ‘Hi, thanks for coming.’ “

Hardest Decision To Make

Lisa explained how it was one of the hardest decisions to make. She had to take this decision because the whole family is already at the hospital by her mother’s side. She further went on and explained: “I was the one who asked the rabbi to please let everyone know there was to be no hugging because we were all in an emergency room with her. “That was the hardest decision because we weren’t there yet and we had only just heard the words ‘social distancing.’

Felt Like A Freak

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She also additionally added that she felt like a freak. Lisa was only able to think about the possibility of a coronavirus case the whole day.

Lisa, a 56-year-old actress, also suspected that she could have got positive for the vorau. She felt like this because she had a “really mild” case of COVID-19. She briefly had experience mild fever, also with other symptoms of a cold. Also, Lisa admitted that she could also have been just drained out of energy.

Lisa praised all the people who are working in the frontline. These people are the ones who are saving the country right now. She noted and thanked all the frontline workers for the sacrifices they are making.

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