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Down The Memory Lane Catelynn And Tyler Baltierra Celebrates The 11th Birthday Of Their Firstborn Carly With Some Throwback Pictures

Tears of Joy! Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra are celebrating one of the most important days of their lives. It’s a fantastic day for both Catelynn and Tyler as it is the Birthday of their eldest child, who they put up for adoption years ago.

Eleven years ago, Catelynn and Tyler welcomed their child on 18/05/2009. The teem mom and 16& pregnant alumn had their first child, Carly. But, the couple put her up for adoptions as the fans recall. Besides, the duo is still in contact with the adoptive parents, and they keep a check on their firstborn.

Catelynn And Tyler’s Heartwarming Wishes To Carly. 

Sadly, Carly doesn’t live them and neither know Catelynn and Tyler as her parents. However, it doesn’t stop the duo to express their love to their daughter. The couple shared posts on their respective Instagram accounts for their daughter’s Birthday. Catelynn and Tyler, both now 28, posted tributes to their loving daughter with a throwback picture of her as an infant.

“May 18th 2009 at 10:39 am you took your very first breath and changed me in so many different ways… Today you turn 11… Happy Birthday my sweet Carly. I love you big as the sky” Catelyn wrote for her daughter. She posted a young photo, Carly, in her arms.

On the other hand, Tyler expressed his love for his daughter by saying some of teh sweetest things. Tyler told how he hold Carly, and Catelyn in his arms right after Carly was born. He says that he still remember Carly’s angelic face and how she changed his world for eternity.

Memories From Back In The Day

Catelynn couldn’t control her motherly instincts and posted another picture for her daughter. Catelynn posted a picture of her younger self with a young Tyler beside him and a newborn Carly in her arms.

Catelynn & Tyler Baltierra Wish Daughter Carly Happy Birthday 11 Years After Placing Her for Adoption

Apart from Carly, the couple has 2 more daughters,  Vaeda, 1,  and Nova, 5 who they welcomed after marrying each other.

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