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Does One Tree Hill And Riverdale Have Same Story?!! Some Comparisons That Would Clear Your Doubts.

Fans have been saying that the story of Riverdale and that of One Tree Hill is quite the same. Are there similarities? Yes, there are lots of similarities that has made the fans think so. What are they? Read on to find out.

Archie- Betty relationship= Lucas-Peyton relationship

Though many might not agree, if you look closely, they are quite the same. In One Tree Hill, when Lucas fell in love with Peyton but got upset when she didn’t reciprocate, he went over to her best friend, Brooke.

Now, if you come to Riverdale, it is quite the same. Betty and Archie have the same kind of relationship, though it was Archie who didn’t reciprocate Betty’s feelings. In the end, Archie went ahead with Veronica, who was Betty’s best friend. Ring any bells? Yes, the story is quite the same.

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Not only that, but the real-life actors in both the series are also dating too!!! While Chad Michael Murray is with Sophia Bush, Cole Sprouse is with Lili Reinhart!!!

Skipped college years

In both the series, the kids have skipped over college years. The kids from Riverdale skipped college in the 5th season and moved forward with time.

The same thing we saw in One Tree Hill when the kids skipped four years of college in the 5th season. Too much of a coincidence? We don’t think so!!

This is not the end, as there are many similarities. There is the bar fight in both the series. Then there are similarities in the characters that you can find and many more.

However, though both the series are quite the same, we hope they do have some differences too. Moreover, most of the actors *cough* Jackson Brundage*cough* reacted when a US media found a connection between the 2 series. So, if you want to know more similarities, I suggest you watch the series.

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