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As We Know Look What You Made Me Do, Is One of The Most Popular Songs Of Taylor Swift; Here Are The Number Of Times Where This Song Has Been Used In Movies Or TVs

Look What You Made Me Do is a song by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. The song is from her 6th studio album called Reputation. The song has broken many records. However, The song has also broken the record for the most played song in a single day on Spotify. It also has topped all the charts from different countries.

The dance-pop number was released by the singer after a one year break. The iconic video was directed by Joseph Kahn. Take a look at the number of times the song was used in various other TV shows and movies. 

Shonda Rhimes’ Thursday line-up

TV network ABC used the song Look What You Made Me Do in a promotional video for its Shonda Rhimes’ Thursday line-up. The network was smart enough to use the song just one hour post its release for Shonda Rhimes’ Thursday line-up. The song was released on the same day when Shonda Rhimes’ Thursday night line-up show aired. 

ESPN’s college football telecast ads

Sports network ESPN used the song Look What You Made Me Do for many of its college football telecast advertisements. The song was also played for the season-opening game between Alabama and Florida State.

Moss Piglets – South Park TV series

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South Park TV series is one animated American television series, which is specifically a kids show, but even adults watch them. The TV series’ 21st season showcased an episode called Moss Piglets. In the episode, it could be seen that the water bears in Timmy and Jimmy’s experiment that they brought for the science fair start dancing to Taylor’s song.

Murder Mystery – 2019 Hollywood movie

The song Look What You Made Me Do was used in Murder Mystery trailer, starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. This was their next film post their hit film Just Go With It.

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