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Amber Heard Was Seen Horse Riding The Way To ‘Her Happy Place’ Amid All The Drama With Ex, Johnny Depp

Amber Heard is in her ‘Happy Place’. The Aquaman actress was currently seen having the time of her life amid all her life problems. Almost everyone in the world is aware of the Depp-Heard case. Previously, Heard filed a case against his ex-husband, Depp, calling him ‘Wife-beater’.

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My happy place

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Following this incident, Depp also filed a defamation case on Heard, and things have been rocky since then. The case is nothing less than a Hollywood drama. Including, fake evidence, confessions from ex-girlfriends and whatnot. But, it seems like Heard is unbothered and is living her life. Apart from this, Herad’s mother recently passed away too.

Amber’s Happy Place And Lockdown Rides. 

Nothing seems to bother Amber Heard, whether it’s her feud with Johnny Depp or the lockdown. Recently, the actress shared a snap of herself at her happy place. She was enjoying horse riding and looked happy in her picture. Clearly, Heard didn’t want to think about her battle with Depp and the fact that her mother just died.

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Desert dwellers

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In her Instagram post, Heard could be seen in the desert while horse riding. The actress looked chic with her blonde hair and grin. The actress flaunted her perfect body in a pair of wranglers and an olive tee. Later, she posted another picture alongside a cactus, revealing how she feels free in that moment.

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard: Where Do Their Lives Stand Now?

The 34-year-old actress might be enjoying the sun right now. But, she had to return to her world someday. And, it might now be a very happy return, as the actress has been removed from her biggest project. Heard played the role of ‘Mera’ in Aquaman 1, but, the rumors claim that she has been replaced by Emilia Clarke for the sequel.

Was Amber Heard Having An Affair with Elon Musk?

As for, Depp, he is just out of the profession by himself. He is a household name because of his role in ‘The Pirates Of The Caribbean‘ franchise. But, news has surfaced that the actor won’t be playing his iconic role in the next part.


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