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You Won’t Believe The Star Who Disguised As Night Angel!!! The Masked Singer Season 3 Grand Finale Was Full Of Surprises!!!

After a splendid season, the Masked Singer has finally come to an end. The top 3 contestants for the finale were Night Angel, Frog and Turtle. Guess who won the title? It was Night Angel!!! Who was she? Read on to find out the answer.

Night Angel aka Kandi Burruss declared winner!!

Though the fandom had guessed that Night Angel would win the show, it was still full of surprises. After the crowning was done, the judges were asked to guess the contestants and it was hilarious. Though the panel members had guessed most of the contestants in the first episode itself, it was really good.

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Furthermore, Kandi Burruss, the Grammy-winning song-writer, had acquired a British accent so that the judges won’t guess that it was her. For the grand finale, she went with the song “River Deep, Mountain High” by Tina Turner and it proved out to be the best choice for her.

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Being the first woman to win the show, Kandi Burruss shows her excitement. The singer said that by winning the competition, it has given her new confidence. She was earlier a member of the band Xscape, after which she went on to writing songs for artists. Though her solo career did not fly high, this competition has given her the confidence to rise again.

The singer even stated that by singing in the costume it was easier to feel real. Though the costume was hot and sweaty nobody recognises you and one can sing freely, that’s what she felt. We are happy as she deserved to win the show. You go, girl!!

Masked Singer unmasking

The most interesting part of this reality show is unmasking. Not only the fans but also the judges take the guessing game seriously. While some of the guesses were wrong, most came out to be right.

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The other two finalists, Turtle and Frog, were Jesse McCartney and Bow Wow respectively. When asked about their experience, they stated that it was something new and they enjoyed it. Bow Wow, the renounced hip hop star chipped into the show after his World tour was cancelled due to the pandemic.

He stated that, by being Frog, he was able to showcase his talents too. He danced and did moonwalking on the stage, which as Bow Wow, was difficult for him. However, it was Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg and Robin Thicke who figured out the finalists correctly.


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