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Machine Gun Kelly Takes Us Through His Day On The Sets Of “Big Time Adolescence” With Pete Davidson!!

While we are bored at home, maybe we can take some time out to watch how the celebs miss their days on set. Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly recently released a video of himself on the sets of “Big Time Adolescence. He takes us through a day in his life on sets. From waking up Ariana Grande to fighting with best friend Pete Davidson with a lightsaber, Kelly does it all. In the video, he gives some nasty details of being on the sets for his latest movie. 

Machine Gun Kelly Takes Us Through The Day In His Life At The Sets Of Big Time Adolescence

He started the video by telling that his day started with a Minivan picking him from home at 6 in the morning. And as he said it, the van was to take him to the weirdest journey of his life for the next 72 hours. 

He is currently working on his next movie “Big Time Adolescence” which is about being a big brother and a bad influence on a 16-year-old child. He revealed that his best friend Pete called him and said that it’d be great if he comes along. Initially, it was just for a couple of scenes but eventually, he became a part of the movie (kind of). 

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But the minivan ride was not just for him. He was greeted by the daughter of the minivan driver who was crying and smoking cigarettes because she missed a meatball dinner. He was surprised to see someone craving for meatballs so much. Well, looks like his 3-hour journey was a bummer. 

Machine Gun Kelly Spent $500 On Batman Lights 

As the day went ahead and they started the shoot, he got free by the 3-o clock. After the shoot, he met Pete in the trailer. He then went to the mall and saw a comic store. As he went in, he saw a Batman light which was $500. Moreover, He said that as soon as he reached his hotel room, he turned off the lights and plugged in the Batman lights. He said that it felt like a midnight sky in New York City. 

However, He revealed that at that time Pete was Ariana Grande. He went to their room and called AG out of her bed. She was angry but she went with him As he opened the door of his room to show Ariana the Batman lights, he realised that it’s the lamest thing he had ever done. 

By the evening he got a call from the director who said that the team would love to write them a couple more scenes in the movie. After they were done for the day, they went to a waffle place and Pete had the idea to put some mushrooms on the waffle. Soon after they both got into a light sabres battle. 

He concluded the video by saying that he doesn’t know how the movie turned out to be so good but that’s all he does in a day (kind of). 

You can watch the video here


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