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Jeremy Renner’s Hidden Talent Discovered By The Stars Of Property Brothers, Tips For Modern-Classy Housing!!

Well, we all know what makes a person a hero. But they are no immune to a soft side. For Marvel character Hawkeye in The Avengers played by Jeremy Renner recently got in touch with the Property Brothers stars Drew and Jonathan Scott. Renner asked them to help him renovate his mom Valarie’s condo in Woodland Hills, CA. But turns out, he is himself a multi-talented person. 

Jeremy Renner Has A Side Business For Remodelling Houses. What????

A Mom Renner-vation! - The Scott Brothers

Yes. You heard that right. In the latest episode of a new show by Drew and Jonathan Scott called Celebrity IOU, it was revealed that Renner remodels houses. While Renner kicks the villains, he leads a life of renovator as well. He has over 25 houses under his renovation belt. All three come together and aim to renovate a home that breathes class and style and is also durable to host all the grandkids. 

Step-By-Step Guide For Renovating Mama Valarie’s Condo By Scott Brothers And Jeremy Renner 

Property Brothers Find Jeremy Renner's Secret Talent on'Celebrity ...

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As we have mentioned that all three renovators have come together to renovate the house, they all are working towards making Renner’s mother Valarie’s house durable for her and the grandkids. The house is going to be an easy and comfortable place for Valarie to live in and kid-friendly place for the grandkids. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide for everything they are going to be working on. 

  • Kitchen Slabs

This kitchen needed a lot of work!

When Scott Brother saw the kitchen, they knew that it was going to be a long task. The kitchen is going to be one of the big renovations in the house. Jonathan said that the major “pet peeve” in the kitchen is the tile counters as they take in a lot of bacteria. 

Jonathan said that using Porcelain counters in the kitchen would actually make the kitchen kid-friendly and easy to clean. He settled on a white porcelain slab. 

  • Cabinets

This kitchen looks fresh, modern, and beautiful.

While the team of 3 knew that a busy day with the grandkids can turn the beautiful kitchen into a huge mess. And as Renner says, “You run into a problem when you go all white”. 

So the protective gear for the white kitchen is cabinets. To which Jonathan joked that either you change the colour of the Cabinets or don’t have kids around. 

By the end, both Renner and Jonathan decided to put together a colour palette for the kitchen slab and cabinets. For cabinets far about the reach of the kids will be white and the ones down will be dark blue in colour. And put it all together, it makes the kitchen look bold and classy.  

  • Floors 

This tile looks perfect in the entryway.

While the entire kitchen is bold and classy, it was imperative that the flooring was neutral so it doesn’t take over the kitchen. Renner while checking the white oak flooring sample said that he liked the warmth. They both agreed to play safe and neutral with the floor. And once the floor was installed, Valerie loved it. 

As the flooring was installed in the living room, Renner realised that the entry can be a little trippy. So to avoid that he added grey tile at the entryway. As Jonathan chose the shade of grey to go with the white oak, Renner said that the floors give the vibes of a classic 20’s Hollywood. The floors keep up with the vision of a beautiful and traditional yet modernised home. 

  • Fireplace 

This fireplace updates this space while still giving it a classic flair.

The fireplace has to modern, classic and cosy. While the condo already had a fireplace set but it didn’t do justice to the living room set up. So they decided to replace the old fireplace with a new old-world fireplace setting. 

Jonathan explained that the fireplace wall will be the change from the old to new. By the time they were done with the fireplace, it looked exactly what they had imagined it to be, modern but classic. 

So far Valarie has loved everything the three has done for her. She said, “my life has come full circle now”. She added that she can have all her grandchildren at her home and make many beautiful memories. She is happy.

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