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It’s Surprising To See How Much Taylor Swift Has Evolved And Transformed From The Beginning!!

Taylor Swift’s music has transformed over the years and so have her fashion choices. From shimmery cowboy boots to sleek and sexy gowns, Swift has become a fashion icon. She even co-chaired the Met Gala in 2016 and told Vogue that a fashion line could be in her future. And just like her sound has changed, so has her style.

Taylor Swift’s fashion evolution over the years


For her public appearances, Taylor Swift attended the music award after releasing the song, Love Story. She wore a simple dress with loop earrings and also opted for a minimal makeup look, highlighting her eyes. In most of her initial videos, Taylor Swift was seen in her natural curly hairstyle. 


In 2007, Taylor Swift made various public appearances at awards ceremonies and various musical events. This picture of her was from 2007 while she attended an award function. Taylor Swift wore a beautiful prom dress for the function and it looked like she walked out from one of her music videos. 


In 2009, Taylor Swift attended the Grammy awards in a beautiful black gown. She not only went experimental with her outfits, with the plunging neckline and the belt on her dress, Taylor Swift’s trademark curly hair was also tied up in a messy bun. 


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Taylor Swift seems to be in love with sequins for years now. She first made an appearance in a sequin dress in 2010. The pop singer looked stunning in her short sequin dress and her hairstyle too seemed to have changed. Shedding her trademark curls, Taylor Swift turned in straight hair and those bangs made her look splendid. 


From dresses to a completely different outfit, Taylor Swift wore a white outfit at an award function. She looked quite bold in her white suit with a plunging neckline and her white trousers. Her hairstyle though remained the same.


In 2013, Taylor Swift made an appearance in a black body-hugging gown. Taylor Swift turned bolder over the years and her outfits spoke for her. With the red lipstick and the red nail polish, Taylor Swift’s fans loved her new look. From curls to bangs and now short hair, her hairstyle too, changed over the years. 


From gowns and formal outfits, Taylor Swift made her fans go crazy over her style when she turned up in a bodysuit at an event. She kept her hair short and turned up in a beautiful bodysuit, showing off her toned legs. 


In 2017, Taylor Swift turned up in a completely black outfit, looking like a supergirl. Her black sequin outfit proved she still loves wearing a sequin outfit. Taylor Swift looked stunning in her short hair and black heels. 


Taylor Swift normally performed in beautiful gowns or dresses. But this one time, the singer turned up on stage in a bodysuit and thigh-high boots, almost taking the crowd by surprise. 

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