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Denise Richards Opens Up About Her Toxic Relationship With Charlie Sheen, The Former Couple Are Still Battling For Child Support!!

The “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” star, Denise Richards opens up about her toxic relationship with Charlie Sheen. Though the beginning of the relationship was all sweet and roses, it slowly turned into thorns and bitterness. Here’s what the star had to say.

Denise Richards talks about the dark times.

In the latest episode of Bravo, the reality show, Denise Richards talks about her dark times, her time with Charlie Sheen. The actress stated that things went downhill when she was pregnant with their second daughter.

The couple had a sweet love story. They met in 2000, in the sets of Good Advice, where the friendship started. It was in 2001, in the sets of Spin City, when they fell in love and started their relationship. In late 2002, the couple married and everything was sweet.

Denise Richards Recalls Her'Toxic' Marriage To Charlie Sheen:'It ...

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Denise Richards recalls that it was Charlie Sheen who saw her sober and sweet side, while everyone else thought her to be wild and crazy. The marriage was going nice and they had their first daughter Sami. During March 2005, when the star was 6 months pregnant with Lola, things started to change.

She stated that their marriage was falling and she could see it. Charlie Sheen, known as the bad boy of Hollywood, was on drugs and alcohol and things were not going good. It became toxic for Denise Richards and she finally filed for the divorce. She went on to say that she never spoke anything ill about her husband in front of their children.

Denise fighting the child battle

Denise Richards is still fighting for child support. She says, she does not want her daughter to live with Charlie Sheen, because she has seen her husband having bad father-daughter relationships with other girls. The star is now happily married to Aaron Phypers and they have adopted a daughter, Eloise.

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When asked about how she manages her parenting, she responded that it is quite tough. She has 2 teenagers, and they are tough to manage. She still never talks ill about Charlie Sheen in front of them, as he is still their dad, but she is trying her best to provide them with everything.

Though times are a bit tough for the actress, she is managing well.

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