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Charlie Carver Opens Up About His Experience Of Coming Out, Here’s Everything A Fan Needs To Know!!

The “Teen Wolf” heart-throb, Charlie Carver shares his experience about coming out in 2016. Here is what the star has to say. Read on to know about his story.

Charlie Carver’s Path to self-acceptance

Charlie Carver opened up about his journey in his speech while receiving the GLSEN Gamechanger Award. The award ceremony was a virtual one and had all of the important guests in it. The actor spoke about how he dealt with his sexuality and how he wants the kids experiencing changes should feel safe.

“There was just this abiding sense that school wasn’t safe. I recognize now that the thing I was so afraid of, the thing I was sort of running from and trying to manage, was my shame” said the 31-year-old actor in his speech.

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In addition to that, Charlie Carver spoke that LGBTQ kids need to feel safe, especially in schools. As he says, the LGBTQ kids feel the shame of their own identity and go through a difficult process of accepting themselves. During this journey, it is important to have friends and supportive people by their side so that they feel safe.

Furthermore, the actor even shared how he felt ashamed of himself and how it took him the courage to come out in 2016 in social media. The actor posted about his sexuality in his Instagram post back in 2016, which was received well by the fans.

GSLEN Honoured Charlie Carver

GSLEN is an abbreviation of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. The advocacy group is known for spreading awareness and information about the LGBTQ community. They support kids and people who are going through certain changes and encourages their family to do the same. They even teach and counsel the family and friends of the person, on how to behave and accept them.

Charlie Carver Opens Up About His Experience Of Coming Out, Here’s Everything A Fan Needs To Know!!

The GSLEN Gamechanger award is presented to a person who has made a difference in the LGBTQ community and around the world. For the year 2020, the group honoured Charlie Carver with this award for his representation and his works.

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