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List Of Shows That You Must Watch This Weekend, Snowpiercer, Taylor Swift And Many More!!

Are you getting bored in the quarantine? Have you binged watched all the series and movies in Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Disney+? Well, we have some of the shows that you can watch this weekend on TV. Here’s is the list of the shows for you.

Taylor Swift City Of Lover Concert!!

Though the pandemic had been successful in cancelling all the concerts, Taylor Swift still knows how to keep her fandom happy. The pop sensation had a world tour organised for her new album, which got cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic.

However, Taylor Swift had decided to premiere her Paris Concert, which took place last September, when times were better. You can watch the concert on 17th May at 10 PM on channel ABC. This particular concert consists of Taylor Swift’s classic songs like All Too Well. You Need To Calm Down and ME!

Snowpiercer is coming!!

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Yes, the series is finally going to premiere on TV!! Snowpiercer is a masterpiece created by Bong Joon Ho, and we cannot be more excited. It took years to make the series, and it is finally here. If you are wondering why you should watch Snowpiercer, then you should probably watch Parasite to know your answers.

Snowpiercer (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb

You can watch the series on 17th May at 9 PM on TNT. So, mark the date and time and get ready for the adventure.

The Great Season 1 Is here!!

If you are looking for some humour in life, then you can watch The Great this weekend. This series has turned the history with comedy. You would find certain historical characters in a comic role. The story revolves around Catherine The Great and is on Hulu.

Catherine The Great was a famous Russian ruler and is known for her wit and intelligence. If you have loved Dickinson, then you would surely love The Great. For watching this series, make sure you have Hulu connection. There are 10 episodes and you can binge-watch them right now!!

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