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Kim Kardashian Disguises Her Black Hair Behind Bleach-Blonde Wig, Fans Get Shocked!!

Kim Kardashian West recently shocked her fans with a shocking makeover. The famous reality show star and also a style icon flaunted her blonde hair on her Instagram handle. Fans of the star went in a frenzy with this new look of hers.

Kim Kardashian is known for shocking her fans with her new and refined makeovers. Given, the coronavirus pandemic, the reality star is now stuck at her house along with her husband and kids. In a situation like this, Kim getting her hair dyed came like a surprise.

Kim Kardashian had previously revealed that she could not wait for the lockdown to end as she was dying to get her hair coloured. She had said that her hair would get all healthy during this time and she would get it coloured. But now that she has already coloured her hair on her own, fans of hers are kind of in shock.

“I Am Blonde”

Well, Kim posted a picture with her hair all blonde. She captioned the picture by writing, “I am blonde. Fans started pouring in their views and comments on her look. She could be seen wearing a black tank top in the picture. She had her hair in beachy waves. While her hair was all blonde, the roots of her hair were preferably black.

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Some fans appreciated her look while others dissed her bad. One of them commented on her post by writing, “You look like Draco Malfoy.” The analogy of her and the Harry Potter character was all because of her hair colour.

“It’s A Wig”

Soon, Kim Kardashian disclosed that it was just a wig. Well, Kim does have her raven locks intact, and she just fooled us all with her blonde hair. Kim does ace whatever she carries. We can’t wait for this lockdown to end see Kim dying her hair for real into something magical.


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