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Katy Perry Opens Up About Her Pregnancy Cravings And Crying In A Locked Car!!

Popstar Katy Perry is currently expecting her first child, a daughter, later this year with fiancé Orlando Bloom. Recently the 35-year-old hit singer shared that she has escaped to her car for a ‘cry’ on occasion while coping with lockdown while pregnant.

Here’s what Katy said

When speaking to Roman Kemp on his Capital Radio breakfast show on Saturday. Katy also revealed the details on how it is ‘all about spice’ when it comes to cravings.

When she was asked if she has been crying over her ‘swollen feet,’ The ‘Dark Horse’ singer replied that yeah well, her feet haven’t gotten swollen yet, but she cries, yes. She has put herself in her parked car outside her house many times and locked the doors.

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To which Roman asked if she just sits in the locked car? To which ‘I’m A Celeb’ star then replied that she just likes the idea of Orlando Bloom opening the curtain going ‘oh she’s looking at her feet again, she needs her space.

Further Updates

For Katy, one huge struggle is coping with pregnancy throughout the pandemic and the restrictions it has brought.  She revealed to the radio hosts that everyone talks about cravings when you’re pregnant, and for her, she thinks about cravings. But she also thinks about does she want to risk her life getting that craving. So it’s all like really intense thoughts that are supposed to be light and bright, and one is like ‘aaargh!’

Her revelations come after she opened up about her mental health on Twitter recently. The star shared that sometimes she doesn’t know what’s worse trying to avoid the virus or the waves of depression that come with this new norm.

Katy recently claimed on Extra that she had had some ‘horrible days’ while in lockdown pregnant.

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