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Former 1D Member Niall Horan Gives Credits To Damien Rice For Influencing Him!! Here Is The Full Story!!

Niall Horan has been successful in his forte, and the gentleman gives the credits to Damien Rice. Here is the interview in which Niall Horan stated the above. Read on to find out.

How “O” Changed Niall Horan’s Life?

Niall Horan has been a massive fan of Damien Rice. Recently, in an interview, he stated that the singer had influenced him in various levels of his career. The debut album of Damien Rice “O” is the one which proved to be a turning point for Niall Horan.

The former 1D singer and a major heartthrob for fangirls owe his career to Damien Rice. “Just listening to his voice, how simple but effectively he uses it, the wrenching wat he delivers a certain not, struck me,” said the singer in his interview.

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Furthermore, Niall Horan stated that his songs, “Flicker” and “Paper Houses” are influenced by Damien Rice’s techniques. “Rice’s approach is beaten into my subconscious, particularly that style of fingerpicking on the acoustic guitar,” said Niall Horan while talking about the legend’s guitar skills.

Niall Horan is known not only for his singing talent and hood looks but also his way with a guitar. He grew up listening to The Eagles and Damien Rice, from whom he got inspired to learn guitar and practice music.

Niall Horan’s Journey

Niall Horan’s journey is something that has turned out to be magical. The young Irish boy started his journey in X-factor America. Though he was not selected, Simon Cowell paired him with 4 other boys and formed a band “One Direction.”

Who knew that the band would become so huge and popular? The journey had just started. Though they were not able to win X-Factor, they went on to win the hearts of people. Soon, the boys’ band group started making World tours and created music videos. They had even achieved the Billboard Artist Of The Year, back in 2014.

It was just the beginning, and they were successful. Fans loved their songs and girls went crazy over the boys.

However, in 2016, the band split and each member moved on to do their projects. Though the band was over, Niall Horan is still friends with his band members and states that his days in the band were the most memorable ones.

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